Fence Screens


Designed for versatility, the signZilla fence screen puts your perimeter to work — filtering hazardous debris, protecting your privacy and promoting your brand or sponsors. Make-over that dreary chain link with our basic windscreen, OSHA-compliant safety screen or custom artwork and ads.






Solid Vinyl 400


Crisp color display;
100% sun/wind block.




Mesh Polyester 100


Moderate airflow;
great print clarity.




Solid Polyester 200


Maximum airflow;
95% sun/wind block.




Mesh Vinyl 300


Ideal balance between
airflow & print clarity.




Custom Touches Make a Perfect Finish

SignZilla custom fence screens are fabricated to fit varying panel heights and your choice of lengths. Complete with black grommet eyelets and reinforced hemmed edges, the screens are designed with a high-quality, polished look — plus a fit that's easy on, easy off.

Get the SignZilla Edge

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Our on-site creative team creates striking, FREE designs that get your customers noticed.

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From shopping & design through production & on-time delivery, signZilla makes it easy!


These construction partners trust signZilla to deliver durable, high-impact privacy screens, windscreens and fence signs. The result? Brand-forward professionalism & worksites that make communities proud.

Our Proudest Moments Helping Customers

Fence Screens & Banners for Privacy, Dust Control & Marketing

Robust chain-link fence panels form the foundation of a secure construction site, and with a signZilla fence screen, those fence panels work even harder. While covered with a custom-printed wind or privacy screen, chain link panels shield celebrities, conceal valuables, protect construction crews and elevate job-site aesthetics

Backed by decades of creative experience, signZilla's design team proudly serves construction companies, event venues, public works departments and commercial facilities.

Partner with a signZilla pro for custom-printed fence screens with features and benefits like these:

• Fresh, new life for old fences (+ no more unsightly chain-link!)
• Stock OSHA signage that meets state & federal regulations
• Buzz-building, fully custom fence cover, privacy screen or windscreen designs
• Paid ads that monetize your perimeter & call-out event sponsors
• FREE artwork layouts (with submitted logo & art files)
• FREE graphic proofs for your review & approval. See what you're getting before printing begins!

How Do I Navigate All the Fence Screen Choices?

SignZilla fence screens top the market for quality, longevity and performance. There's no better way to power your brand or monetize your worksite, and our wide variety of materials, breathability & printing choices make every product truly custom.

So, when it's time to deck out your fence, how do you know which fence cover to choose? Follow these signZilla tips — and connect with our team to request an estimate for personalized fence screens.

1 - Partner with a manufacturer-direct, wholesale sign partner. SignZilla is your single-source for signage design, fence screen production and expedited fulfillment around the country.
2 - Know your budget and share it with our team. Privacy screens and windscreens are available in economical, plain styles, simple logo designs, or fully custom privacy screens with double-sided, high-resolution printing. SignZilla sales advisors help you stretch your dollar, access truckload and bulk discounts, and participate in FREE shipping incentives.
3 - Understand the key features of our product lines.
• Stretch fabrics. Spandex and other stretchy material blends stretch tight during installation, delivering a taut, wrinkle-free look for your fence cover.
• The 400 series: solid vinyl fitted fence screens. The smooth, heavy-duty material offers 100% privacy blockage and 0% opacity, making it the perfect surface for high-resolution printing and advertising.
• The 300 series: vinyl-mesh custom printed fence screen. Protect your job from public view with 50' rolls or custom lengths. The open vinyl-mesh weave is an upscale material delivering 80% privacy, 20% light/dust blockage, and a soft, wrinkle-resistant finish you'll love.
• Proprietary 200 series vinyl-mesh screens. Affordable yet durable, the 200 series encourages light to pass through while still stopping 70% of dirt, debris and light. Our dye sublimation process ensures your final product will be fade-resistant.
• Proprietary 100 series: soft, polyester screens. This soft, upscale alternative to vinyl blocks 94% of dust and construction debris. Have it custom-printed with a dye-sublimation process, and include your company's logo, brand colors, tagline or sponsor advertisement.
• 5-year, no-fade warranty on all printed text, logos or messaging.

Large-Format Print Solutions from SignZilla

Protect your temporary fence investment with perimeter signage from the recognized authority in safety and security. Throughout shopping, design, production and expedited fulfillment: signZilla is your complete solution for signage that sells. Partner with our talented creative team for fence covers that drive awareness and spark audiences to action. With signZilla on your side, there's no stopping you — and there's no need for third-party vendors or costly printing companies.


1 - What are custom fence screens?

Custom fence screens are tailored fabric coverings designed to fit specific fence dimensions. They are commonly used for branding, privacy, or decorative purposes in various settings, including construction sites, events, and residential areas. 


2 - How do I order a custom-printed fence screen? 

To order a custom printed fence screen, visit our website, select your desired product, customize it with your design or logo, and follow the checkout process. Our team will assist with any design needs and ensure a smooth ordering experience. 


3 - What material are fence wraps made of? 

Fence wraps are typically made from durable materials like vinyl mesh, polyester mesh, or proprietary fabric blends. These materials are chosen for their durability, weather resistance, and ability to hold high-quality prints. Vinyl mesh offers excellent wind resistance and is ideal for outdoor use, while polyester mesh is known for its lightweight and versatile properties. 


4 - Can I use printed fence screens for branding at events? 

Absolutely! Printed fence screens are an excellent way to enhance brand visibility and create a professional look at events, tradeshows, and festivals. 


5 - How Long do Construction Fence Wraps Last? 

The lifespan of construction fence wraps depends on the material quality and environmental conditions. Generally, high-quality wraps can last for the duration of a construction project. 


6 - Can I see how my fence wrap will look before finalizing my order?  

Definitely! We provide complimentary mockups so you can visualize your custom fence wrap before it's made. Reach out to us at contact@signzilla.com for your free mockup. 


7 - How well do custom fence screens withstand weather conditions? 

Custom fence screens are built to endure various weather conditions. Manufactured from materials like vinyl mesh and polyester mesh, they are robust enough to handle wind, rain, and sun exposure. Features like enhanced wind resistance ensure their durability and performance in diverse weather scenarios. 


8 - How do I install a custom fence screen? 

Custom fence screens are designed for easy installation. They can be attached to fences using ties or fasteners. Detailed instructions are provided with each order. 


9 - What are the maintenance requirements for custom fence screens? 

Custom fence screens typically require minimal maintenance. They are designed to be durable and withstand outdoor conditions. Regular light cleaning to remove dust and debris usually suffices to keep them looking good and functioning well, maintaining their color and structural integrity over time. 


10 - What are the Common Locations for Using Fence Wraps? 

Fence wraps are versatile and can be used in various locations, including:

  • Construction Sites: To cover fencing, advertise projects, and enhance safety.

  • Sporting Events: For promoting sponsors and providing directional information.

  • Music Festivals and Public Events: For branding, advertising, and delineating areas.

  • Real Estate Developments: To showcase future developments and attract potential buyers.