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Block 90 Privacy Screen


50’ and 150’ privacy screen folded. Offering 90% blockage in multiple sizes and colors.

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Protect Construction Site with High Blockage Privacy Screen



The construction fence screen provides 90% protection against intense sunlight, debris, unwanted attention, and other potential hazards to your property. It is conveniently available in folds and can be easily installed upon arrival.




Folded Fence Cover With Hems and Grommets










This folded screen cover boasts reinforced hems, brass grommets, and propylene binding that complement the knitted high-density polyethylene’s sheer durability. It provides a more convenient option for storage and transportation, making it an ideal choice for away games or when not in use. Whether you’re looking to protect your privacy or shield from the elements, this folded screen cover is a reliable and convenient choice. 



 Advantages of Block 90 Fence Screen




Endure demanding outdoor
conditions: The weather-resistant
windscreen is designed to withstand
wind, moisture, and other demanding
outdoor conditions, ensuring long
lasting durability.



Prevent fading caused by harsh
sunlight: The windscreen is UV
resistant, preventing fading caused
by exposure to sunlight, and
maintaining a vibrant appearance
for extended periods.



Easy to tailor to specific site
requirements: The knitted structure of
the construction fence screen prevents
unraveling when cut, making it easy to
tailor the screen to specific site
requirements, ensuring a perfect fit
every time.


Upgrade Your Privacy Screen








We offer an exciting way to upgrade your privacy screen by adding a custom logo. This is a great way to represent your business or add a unique touch to your space.


And with our 50’ and 150’ options you can assure to have the perfect fit for any fenced area.





Guide to Installing Construction Fence Screens



Installing a privacy fence screen is a simple process that requires a few basic tools and some basic DIY skills.


Connect the corner of the screen with
the fence corner and secure them
with cables or zip ties.

Use cable ties or zip ties to attach the screen
to the fence, starting at the top and working
your way down

Lastly connect the grommets
along the screen making sure
the fabric is taut.



Understand the Estimated Timeframe for Fence Screens Installations







FinishH&G every 12 in.
ApplicationWorksite Safety
Fabric Type130 GSM HDPE