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Block 80 Windflow Pro


Experience unmatched wind-resistance with our privacy screen, outperforming the competition by 50%. Secure your screen with hems & grommets finish.

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Windflow Pro Block 80 – Perfect for Windy Environments


For those seeking the ultimate protection against strong winds, Windflow Pro Block 80 is the ideal solution. This windscreen is made of an incredibly durable knit material that can withstand even the most extreme wind conditions, with gusts of up to 90mph. In addition, the unique honeycomb lattice pattern is an exclusive feature that not only enhances the screen’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures it remains firmly attached without requiring extensive maintenance.

Whether it’s harsh sun or fierce winds, Windflow Pro Block 80 is designed to meet every challenge.


The Ultimate Wind-Resistant Privacy Screen


When it comes to withstanding strong winds, no other privacy screen can match our product’s toughness. In fact, ASTM 737 air permeability testing has confirmed that our windscreen outperforms the competition with 50% less wind load. That’s why it’s the premier choice of schools, athletic venues, and other outdoor spaces.

With our wind-resistant privacy screen, you can say goodbye to the hassle and expense of frequent maintenance. Unlike other screens that billow, whip, or blow off the fence, our product is designed to stay securely in place, providing reliable privacy and protection even in the toughest conditions.


Windscreen with No Maintenance: Unmatched Performance


Looking for a reliable and long-lasting windscreen that requires zero maintenance? Our high-performance windscreen is the perfect solution. Say goodbye to screens that billow, whip, or blow off the fence and hello to a product that stays securely in place.


7-year warranty
with no upkeep



Knitted polyethylene
material that will not dry,
rot, or become brittle.



No vinyl coating,
eliminating the risk of
surface cracking or peeling.



Windscreen with Reinforced Hems and Brass Grommets


For added convenience during storage and transport, our folded windscreen is the perfect option for taking to different locations or storing extra units. Made of knitted high-density polyethylene, this windscreen is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

With reinforced hems and two brass grommets every 12 inches, ensuring a secure attachment to fences or other structures. Additionally, the corners are triple grommeted for added reinforcement. Propylene binding complements the windscreen’s durability, making it a long-lasting solution for your privacy and protection needs.


Guide to Installing Construction Fence Screens


Installing a privacy fence screen is a simple process that requires a few basic tools and some basic DIY skills.


Connect the corner of the screen with
the fence corner and secure them
with cables or zip ties.

Use cable ties or zip ties to attach the screen
to the fence, starting at the top and working
your way down

Lastly connect the grommets
along the screen making sure
the fabric is taut.


Understand the Estimated Timeframe for Fence Screens Installations





FinishH&G every 12 in.
ApplicationWorksite Safety
Fabric TypeHDPE
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