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VM350FC-8 ft (7 ft. 9 in)

<h2><strong>Custom-Printed Fence Screen on Vinyl Mesh Fabric</strong></h2> <p>We proudly offer the highest-quality custom-printed fence screen on the market to build your brand, direct traffic around construction or to events, post job site safety messages, cost-effectively provide privacy screen around construction sites, and more.</p> <p>Our proprietary <strong>300 Series Vinyl&nbsp;<strong>Mesh&nbsp;</strong></strong>is a lightweight-but-durable material that allows air and light to pass through while still providing high privacy screen and windscreen. The fabric's mesh weave blocks 80% of dust, debris and wind and lets 20% of light filter through for reduced job site visibility.&nbsp;</p> <p>Create your own fence screen art or work with our graphics team to develop fence screen ads, create signage or simply layout your logo in a step-and-repeat pattern. We'll print your custom fence screen on vinyl mesh fabric using a dye sublimation process to deliver fade-resistant, crisp color graphics with a wrinkle-resistant finish that's perfect for use as fence screen, banners or signs around job sites or at trade shows, sporting events, music festivals, or any other outdoor or indoor applications.&nbsp;</p> <h3>Creating &amp; Submitting Custom Fence Screen Art</h3> <p>Send us your art or collaborate with our graphics team to design your custom vinyl fence screen. We'll provide you with up to 2 rounds of FREE proofs to approve before we print your custom fence screen. To get started:</p> <ol> <li>Download our&nbsp;<a href="/pub/media/wysiwyg/download/Sample_Multiple_Section_Fence%20Screen.pdf" target="_blank">fence screen design template</a>&nbsp;to create your own fence screen art.<br /><em>OR</em><br />Explore our&nbsp;<a href="/design-services/" target="_blank">Design Services</a>, if you need graphic design support.</li> <li>Add the quanity of vinyl-mesh custom fence screen you need to your quote request and submit it.</li> <li>Email your artwork in EPS or AI format to&nbsp;<a href="mailto:design@soncostore.com">design@soncostore.com</a>. Please read the full requirements on our&nbsp;<a href="/branding-solutions/" target="_blank">Branding Solutions</a>&nbsp;page first.</li> <li><a href="/contact-us/" target="_blank">Contact us</a>&nbsp;for graphic design and fence screen layout support.</li> </ol> <h3>Custom-Printed Vinyl Fence Screen Features &amp; Benefits</h3> <ul> <li><span><strong>FREE SHIPPING IN THE US &amp; CANADA (50 LF minimum order required.)</strong></span></li> <li><span><strong>PRICE PER LINEAR FOOT</strong></span></li> <li><strong>80% blockage/windscreen and 20% opacity</strong></li> <li>Available in custom lengths to fit 4', 5', 6', 8', 10', and 12' high temporary fence.</li> <li>Photo-quality, custom-made fence screen can be used for advertising and signage.</li> <li>Finished with black grommet eyelets and reinforced, hemmed edges.</li> <li>Printed with bold, sharp, full-color, fade-resistant graphics.</li> <li><a href="/custom-printed-fence-screen-solid-vinyl-fabric" target="_blank">Solid vinyl custom-printed fence screen</a>&nbsp;is also available.</li> </ul>
Fabric TypeVinyl Mesh
Weight1 lbs.


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Artwork Instructions

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