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Get a huge rebate every single year

Exclusive to Signzilla's most active customers. The more you buy, the bigger your yearly cashback - that you can reinvest in growing your company. Put simply, the more you succeed, the more you save!

We're truly invested

In your success

At Signzilla, we take loyalty and partnerships extremely seriously. We understand that the more successful we can help you become, the more we can grow too. But we don't just say so, we show you with our unmatched Cashback Program.

The story behind our story

Earn cashback

Your way

One size never fits all. But two sizes? Well, we'll let you decide between one of these two ways to earn cashback at Signzilla.

Annual Purchase Rebate

1. Receive a percentage based on your purchase threshold. Then receive that percentage of your total purchases for that year.

2. As your business grows, so too might your purchase threshold which will increase your Annual Purchase Rebate.

The story behind our story


Growth rebate

RECEIVE 10% OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR TOTAL ANNUAL PURCHASES. For example, one year you spend $50,000, and the next year you spend $100,000. The difference would be $50,000, which would make your 10% rebate $5,000.

TRANSPARENT TERMS & CONDITIONS All freight, tax, and other fees do not qualify for cashback. All purchases must be made in the Signzilla store to qualify for cashback.

All invoices must be paid in-full to receive cashback. When a balance is still open on December 31st of that year, cashback will be held until it is paid in full. Cashback expires if the balance remains open after February 1st of the following year.

How to


We automatically calculate and send you your cashback by the end of January of the following year.



Become a registered Signzilla client to qualify for the Cashback Program. To get more information, see if you qualify, and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable agent, contact us today!